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Cory Springhorn’s Vision

is a future in which the City of Shoreview continues to be a strong and vibrant community in which to live, raise families, and do business. This can be realized by focusing on the following priorities:

  • Be responsible in planning for the city’s future needs. Manage costs over the long term, accounting for necessary renewal and redevelopment.
  • Be responsive to the concerns of citizens and stakeholders. All voices need to be heard and respected by city leadership.
  • Be a welcoming community for an increasingly diverse population.

City Council is a nonpartisan office, and Cory is not running to advance or promote any political movement or ideological agenda. He will apply critical thinking and careful consideration to each individual issue that comes before the council. Cory believes that a City Council member should be:

  • Responsible
  • Reasonable
  • Respectful
  • Responsive

The reality is, your City Council will have to deal with issues over the next four years that none of us are even thinking about today. That’s why I believe it’s most important to consider candidates’ approaches to policy and governance rather than their thoughts on any one specific issue.

I am happy to discuss my thoughts and views with anyone in the city. Please feel free to contact me at

Voter Guides

Below are links to resources to help you evaluate your 2022 candidates for Shoreview City Council (and Shoreview Mayor.)

League of Women Voters Shoreview Candidates Forum 2022

(The LVW invited all candidates to participate in this forum; not all candidates chose to participate.)

Candidates Speak Out – City of Shoreview 2022

(NineNorth offered all candidates the opportunity to record a 5 minute video at a cost of $150; not all candidates chose to participate.)

Shoreview Press Voters’ Guide 2022

Pioneer Press Election 2022: Shoreview Candidates

Vote 411

(Enter your address at to see your personalized voter info.)

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