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Letters published in support of Cory in past years appear below.

From the 10/15/14 Shoreview-Arden Hills Bulletin:

In a few weeks, all of us will have the opportunity to cast votes on some very important offices. The obvious ones are the Minnesota Governor and the U.S. Senate. While these votes are very important, we as residents of Shoreview should not overlook another important race. The race for Shoreview City Council.

The votes you cast for national offices will not directly affect you as much as the seats on the city council. These citizens make important decisions about our city that will likely affect your day to day life.

Come November 4th, I will be casting my vote for Cory Springhorn. Since you don’t know him as well as I do, I would encourage you to visit his website (www.coryspringhorn.com) and/or his Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CorySpringhornForShoreviewCityCouncil) to learn more about him. Since kicking off his campaign at the Slice of Shoreview Parade (he was the one playing the trumpet,) he has not only attended city council meetings, but also other Shoreview administrative meetings so that he understands what his role would be.

Mr. Springhorn himself will tell you it is not important that you vote for him. He would instead tell you to learn about the candidates, understand their positions, and vote for who you think will best serve this city. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just go out on November 4 and exercise your right as a Shoreview resident.

-Norton Lam

From the 10/8/14 Shoreview-Arden Hills Bulletin:

I attend the same church as Cory Springhorn and his family. Cory is kind, sincere, hard working, caring and fair minded. I have listened to his video on why he wants to serve on the Shoreview City Council and I believe he would be an excellent choice.

-Shirley Carrigan

From the 10/16/12 Shoreview Press:

I have had the privilege of working with Cory Springhorn through Rosetown Playhouse Community Theatre for the past few summers. After working alongside Cory in those shows, I can honestly say that Cory is a wonderful leader, follower, and community builder. Cory is someone that I can count on as fellow cast member and I am proud to say that I will be casting my vote for him as a new leader in the community that I have lived in for almost thirteen years. The skills that Cory demonstrates in his volunteering are skills that will help him benefit our city if he is elected to the Shoreview City Council. In his volunteering, Cory is always a positive motivator and a shining example of what community is all about. I know that Cory will strengthen our community because of his professional dedication, approachable personality, and kind heart. I have seen Cory Springhorn go the extra mile in his volunteering and I know that he will do the same as a member of our City Council. Please vote!

-Alex Schmuck

From the 9/12/12  Shoreview-Arden Hills Bulletin:

I am supporting Cory Springhorn for Shoreview City Council for a number of reasons. Cory would be a valuable asset on our city council, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives.
I have known Cory for several years through school and church activities and respect his intelligence, integrity and work ethic. He has taken an active part in his children’s education, always willing to help with school activities, coaching Island Lake’s Lego League and partnering with the school community to make our Mounds View schools the best.
Cory possesses a positive attitude, great problem solving skills and is committed to uniting people to work together for a common goal. Cory will listen to the needs of each Shoreview resident and will always do what is best for our community.
Cory is a person that we can trust and is dedicated to maintaining the excellence of our community. Shoreview has so many wonderful community activities and with Cory’s musical and theatrical gifts, I know that he will continue to advocate for these opportunities.
Please join me in voting for Cory Springhorn for Shoreview City Council on Nov. 6.

 -Leslie Lundmark

 From the 9/4/12 Shoreview Press:

I am writing to show my support of Cory Springhorn for Shoreview City Council.
Cory has lived in Shoreview since 2001 and is very engaged in our community through his professional and volunteer activities. He is the right choice to help Shoreview continue as a great place to live and raise families because he cares about listening to citizens and is committed to responsible city planning.
I have had the opportunity to volunteer with Cory on FIRST Lego League and have always found him to have integrity, intelligence, and a passion for doing the right thing. I hope you will join me in supporting Cory’s bid for Shoreview City Council.

-Julie Lindmark

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