Fifty is Nifty!

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Sep 27, 2022 No Comments ›› Cory Springhorn
(My youngest daughter tells me I am now officially old.)

Today, Sep. 27, 2022, is my 50th birthday. So, I figured if there’s ever going to be a time for my one and only direct fundraising appeal of this campaign, it might as well be today! We don’t need a lot more in the campaign treasury, but a few more bucks would be nice to make sure we don’t run out of fliers and such. I’d be thrilled if 10 people would each donate $50, or if 50 people would each donate $10, or some combination thereof. If you’re willing and able, please go to the “Donate!” link at the top of this page and contribute whatever amount you may be comfortable with. And with that said, I won’t be talking any more about campaign contributions! From now through Nov. 8, I’d much rather talk about the opportunities and challenges ahead for Shoreview, and about what you feel is important for our city!

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