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Nov 7, 2018 No Comments ›› Cory Springhorn

I am deeply honored that the voters in Shoreview have chosen to allow me to continue serving on the City Council for the next four years. I have really enjoyed meeting or reconnecting with so many of you in the last couple of months, and every hour I have spent doorknocking and conversing with citizens has renewed my appreciation for the incredible community we have, and strengthened my desire to Keep Shoreview Living in Harmony! Thanks to all who voted for me, to all who shared with me the things you like about the city and the things you’d like to see change, to all who shook my hand or wished me good luck, to all who let me put a sign in your lawn (I’ll get those all picked up by Thursday!), and to all who care about this city.

Final results:

TERRY QUIGLEY 5736 30.75%
Jesse Ehrenreich 2498 13.39%
Doug Blomberg 2285 12.25%
William Harris 1933 10.36%



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